Questions on Augmented Reality T-shirt:


Q: What is Augmented Reality(AR) T-shirt?

A: Augmented Reality is overlaying Digital objects on real-world objects. So, Augmented Reality T-Shirts are nothing but normal T-shirt which has an appropriate digital animation overlayed over the design when seen through the CardToon app


Q: How to return the order if I am not happy with what I got?

A: Please reach out to us on the details provided on the website and we will assist you with this.


Q: Do you guys do custom Augmented Reality Tshirt?

A: Not at the moment, but we are working towards introducing this feature/service very soon.


Q: How to go about bulk custom orders?

A: Please reach out to us on the details provided in the website and we will assist you on this.


Q: Do you guys do Custom Print Tshirts/Hoodies?

A: Yes, we do. To get more details, please contact us and we will be more than happy to walk through the details. Couple


Q: I have an issue with my Package, how to reach out to you guys?

A: We regret any inconvenience caused, please reach out with us and we will assist you from there.


Questions of Augmented Reality PhotoFrames:


Q: How long does it take to process an AR Photo frame order?

A:  It takes 3 business days for the development and 2 business days to deliver within Tamil Nadu and 4 business days to deliver nationally.


Q: Can I give my own design?

A: Yes, you certainly can. 


Q: At the later point in time, can I change the Augmented Reality?

A: Yes, you certainly can. Please reach out to us and we will assist you accordingly.


Q: For a Video Effect Photoframes, what all should I give?

A: You will need to give us the image to be framed and the video that you want to play over the frame.

Q: For a Video Effect Photoframes, how long can the video be?

A: We recommend videos to be of 1 minute or less in duration.

Q: For a Video Effect Photoframes, what resolution/size of the video is recommended?

A: The recommended size would be the size of the photo frame that you would want to order. In regards to the quality, the resolution can range from 360p to 1080p. 

Q: Apart from the 3D effect and Video, do you have any other effects?

A: Yes, we would request you to please get in touch with us to know about this.

Q: What is the difference between 3D Effect and Video Effect?

A: Here are videos that best explain the difference:

    3D Effects

  1. Depth Effect

  2. Pop-Out Effect

    Video Effect - Sample

Q: How to send the images/video for the photo frame?

A: You can provide us a link to the images/video or use 

Q: How much does it cost for the AR photo frame?

A: The cost purely depends upon the size of the photo frame. You can use this link to check how much each frame cost

Question on the App

Q: From where to download the app?

A: You can get the apps from the below links or you can search for “CardToon” in the PlayStore.



Q: Is the app available for iPhone (iOS)?

A: We are working on the iOS version and it will be released at the earliest.


Q: What is the requirement of the phone to use the CardToon app?

A: For Android: Android 7+ or later | 2GB Ram | Decent Camera

    For iOS: iOS Version 11+


Q: How can I share the experience with others?

A: By using either the screen recorder in the app or by using any other screen recorder you can capture the experience and save it to your device. From the gallery, you can share it just like how you share other videos.


Q: Can I use the Front Camera to capture the Experience?

A: No (at least not at the moment). We did not find this use case viable. If you have a valid use case, please share with us and we will see how we can take it forward.




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